School Essentials: How to Choose the Right Printer for School/College

There are different printers that suit different needs, so it is important that consumers know which printer is the perfect choice for them. In particular, schools/colleges normally require pages and pages of research papers and other school paperwork. And usually, they are printed in black and white rather than in color. What printer can meet all these conditions, then? To choose for the right printer for your school/college needs, here are some tips and tricks.

1. Choose Laser Printers
The two major types of printers are InkJet and Laser. InkJet uses blots of liquid ink while Laser makes use of a toner and heated fuser. The former is known to print images better while the latter prints single colored documents faster and more effectively. This being said, laser is the better choice for school and college printing. Unless you often print graphic or image-heavy papers, you might opt for InkJets.

In any case, laser is the one to go. This type of printer is ideal for printing large amounts of document and papers. It prints in sharp and crisp black color and its operation is faster, as opposed to its counterpart. Cost-wise, it saves much more. The initial price of InkJets is usually cheaper but the need to refill the cartridge with ink makes it more expensive in the long run. With laser, you can reduce more cost with the per page printing. Toners tend to last longer than liquid inks.

2. What Type Of Laser Is Better?
So you already chose Lasers. What’s next? The next question is whether you will likely need a compact laser or a budget multification. A compact laser’s only job is printing; on the other hand, budget multifications or MFPs can also scan and fax. But, again, it boils down to your needs. If you think you might need a scanner more often, then the MFP is the right fit for that. Take note, however, that these printers are much bigger than the personal (compact) ones. If size is an issue for you (perhaps you have very limited space in your room) and the need for scanner is unlikely, then buy a personal printer instead. It is much cheaper than MFPs as well.

3. Evaluate the Factors
There are other factors that you should look into when it comes to choosing the right printer. For one, try to see if a monochrome printer is a smarter purchase than a colored unit. You might realize that you will also have to print colored documents. Colored lasers, in this case, should be your better option. Make sure you will really print in color often. Otherwise, it is much more practical had you chosen the monochrome instead. Some lasers are also Wi-Fi connected. This means you can send your files to the printer via the Wi-Fi. Students who have files on their laptops or tablets, for example, best send these files to the printer this way. But this isn’t for everyone. If you use a desktop, then connecting the printer via a wire or usb port will do.

In the end, it is your unique needs that matter. If a printer matches them, then you will definitely find the right one for you.