The Captivating City of Brisbane

The members of the iconic band, Bee Gees, were born in the United Kingdom, but you’d be surprised to know that they were raised in another beautiful city—Brisbane. Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, is the 3rd most populous city in Australia. Rightfully so, this could be attributed to the city’s magnetic views and exciting activities for single individuals, couples and families.

Brisbane was blessed with an area of 6,110.5 square miles, of which, expect to see a lot of Queenslander architecture through various parts of the city. Being established as early as May 13, 1825, it contains many historic buildings and key landmarks specific to the structural charm of Brisbane.

Brisbane – A Popular Tourist Destination

Being among the top tourist destination in the country, tourism played a key role in the city’s economy. Brisbane holds the title as the 3rd most popular international tourist destination after Sydney and Melbourne. Even so, prices are not as high as that of Sydney. Furthermore, Rough Guides, a travel guidebook, facilitated a competition in 2015 and cited Brisbane to be among the top 10 most beautiful cities in the world.

To fully take advantage of your stay in this classy, sunlit capital of Queensland, here is a guide to essential information you need to know for your Brisbane adventure.

Transportation from the Airport

From Brisbane airport, the easiest and most economical way to get to the city is by taking a train ride. Train stations are right in front of the airport terminal for stress-free and convenient travel. Tickets may cost around $15 to $18, which can be booked on the day of your travel or even days before. Note that discounts may be available for early reservations. Also, 14 year old kids and below may not need to pay if they are accompanied by a paying adult from Brisbane Airport to the city.


Accommodations greatly vary depending on your choice of room, type of accommodation, number of people and location. Rooms in the Central Business District area and suburbs locations range anywhere from less than $50 to more than $500. You’ll have an extensive list of options wherein you will surely find accommodations that will suit your budget. Brisbane offers apartments, motels, caravan parks, farmstays, tourist parks, five star resorts, business hotels, backpackers hostels and a lot more. So whether you’re here for business or pleasure, housing will not be a problem.

Things to Do, Places to Visit

The city hasn’t become a top destination, especially for international tourists, without its picturesque sights and majestic places. Brisbane boasts several attractions from refreshing beaches to the charming greens of the forests. Regardless of your interest, choices are abundant.

The following are few of the top places to visit in the city:

-Brisbane River – A cruise along the river will show beautiful sights such as historic mansions, attractive parks, flourishing gardens, appealing waterfronts, and the captivating Brisbane skyline. Kayaking is also available for a closer feel of the river.

-Galleries and Museums – Get in touch with Brisbane’s culture and arts by taking a stroll at numerous exhibition halls filled with different Brisbane talents.

-South Bank – This area has 17 hectares left for purposes of entertainment and exploration. From parks to boutiques to the Wheel of Brisbane, where you can take a ride on, you’ll have a ton of fun and adventure.

-Lagoon in the middle of the city – A man-made, white sand lagoon is an invigorating sight to see right in the middle of the city. You can relax and go for a swim or enter the water-play park, adjacent to beach.

Meaningful and one-of-a-kind vacations are forever treasures of the heart and soul. Other than these places and activities, a lot more fun and exhilarating escapades await you and your family when you visit this beautiful city.