Wake up your relationship

Most couples experience a certain downfall in their relationship sooner or later. If the same has happened to you, you should ask yourself certain questions and try to find the root of the problem. Do you love each other? Are you willing to invest time to improve your relationship? Do you enjoy your life together? These questions should be your starting point in fixing your relationships, along with the following advice.

First, stop blaming each other – People often think their partners are to blame when things are not going so well, which is neither helpful nor healthy. The both of you should accept the fact that you share joint responsibility for what is happening with your relationship and agree you have problems you should work on. That is the starting point of all improvement; you two being united in a single cause of strengthening your relationship

Socialize together – Meet with friends every now and then; socializing as a couple will help bring the two of you somewhat closer, especially if you had these friends ever since your relationship started. It’s a way to remind both of you of times when you felt happier for having each other and friends will make you relax and laugh. But be sure you’re socializing with someone you both like, enjoy spending time with, and who cares for both of you. It’ doesn’t have to be anything grand; a casual drink or a takeaway will make the atmosphere more laid-back.


Find a common hobby – If the both of you spend most of your days working, it’s likely you don’t see each other very much. Many people spend their free time in the evenings and weekends on hobbies, and there is nothing wrong in that, but it can cause friction in a relationship as this means you’re going to spend even less time together. The best solution is to find an activity the both of you enjoy and thus increase the amount of time you spend together; put your common interests on a paper and decide. It might be a language course, dance classes, a sport, anything you set your mind too. Engaging in a new activity will help reignite your love.

Enjoy a massage together – Having a tantric massage together might spice up those love juices once again; it’s a sensuous act which will enhance your sex libido. This kind of massage is hundreds of years old, and it was (and still is) used even for medical purposes. If your sex life has become dull and this is starting to have a bad effect on your relationship, tantric massage could be just what the two of you need.

And finally, don’t take each other for granted – Couples which have been together for a long time often completely stop caring for how their look when they’re with their partner; be sure to change this unhealthy habit. Try to have at least one evening of the week just for you two. Go on a date and dress up for your spouse; it will be nice to see your love all dressed up and beautiful, just like when the two of you started dating. If you have kids, an evening just for yourselves might be a bit harder to arrange, but it’s not impossible with some effort.